Bear Viewing in Alaska


Chinitna Bay, Lake Clark National Park.   (Late May thru August)

  •  $450 pp
  •   half day , 2-3 hours viewing bears, 6-7 hours total
  • $575.00  full day, 5-6 hours with the bears, 8-10 hours total
  •  Overnight bear viewing trips can be arranged with lodging in a nice cabin with running water and meals,   (call for rates)
  • Halibut or salmon fishing for an additional $100pp and/or clam digging (no extra fee) can be combined with this Alaska bear viewing trip.

We depart  our Alaska bear viewing tours  to Chinitna Bay from Anchor Point  via Boat near Homer, Alaska and Travel about 40  miles across Cook Inlet to land on one of several beaches  in Lake Clark National Parks. We then walk to the area to view the bears in the park. this is a much shorter boat ride than departing from Homer. which is a 3 hour boat ride each way.

Our boat ride takes 1.5 hours each way and the scenery along the coast is breathtaking.  On most days you will see glaciers, volcanoes, waterfalls, whales, sea birds, bald eagles and of course bears.

Lake Clark National Park is one of the best places in the world to view brown bears. Most days we will see 20-40 bears.

Lake Clark, has a population of several thousand  brown/grizzly bears,compared to only a few hundred grizzly bears in Denali National Park.

Bear viewing in Lake Clark National Park is also better because large numbers of bears gather on the coast around food sources such as clams, sedge grass meadows and salmon streams.

Lake Clark National Park coast is home to many other animals and it is common to see bald eagles, wolves, foxes, seals, sea lions, puffins, in addition to brown bears.  Lake Clark National Park is only accessible by boat or bush plane.  Being so remote it is the least visited park in the national park system and  offers a true wilderness experience with very few other people,. Compared to Katmai bear viewing, there are no platforms, time limits, or waiting lines to see the bears and unlike McNeil River there is no lottery to enter to receive a permit to view bears, Landing on a beach in the middle of the Alaskan wilderness among wild grizzly bears is an experience of a lifetime and of sheer amazement.


Crescent Lake, Lake Clark National Park  (Mid July- September)

  • ($595.00 per person) 5-7 hour trip total

This bear viewing Trip will depart Nikiski Alaska, near Kenai via Float plane, for a 40 minute breathtaking flight across Cook Inlet & thru the Chigmit mountains of the Alaska range, flying over Redoubt Volcano, several glaciers, & mountain ridges off your wing tips,  Once landing on a large beautiful  lake nestled in the mountains, we will  then load into a small Jon boat where we will cruise the coast line looking for bears.

The bears come to the shoreline to feed on the salmon.  This  alaska bear viewing trip can also be combined with salmon fishing.


Big River Lakes ( Wolverine Creek)

  • $450.00 pp  3-4 hour trip

This trip also is accessed  via float plane and is a short 15 minute flight from Nikiski.

After landing on Big River Lakes we will board a  small Jon Boat and run over to a small creek  where salmon are congregated we will stay in the boat the entire time waiting for a bear to come out to try to catch a fish,  we usually always see bears on this trip but mostly small sub adult cubs that have just been kicked out from mom..

This is a popular location for fly out fishing by air taxis and alaska bear viewing tours from anchorage so there will be multiple boats, and people around compared to Chintina Bay bear viewing trips.